Photographing people is my thing! From solo shoots to couples and families, I love capturing what makes you, you. Whether it's a special occasion, one of life's big milestones, or you just want some nice family pictures to hang on the wall, I can help with a fun-filled and relaxed shoot.


How it works

Before the shoot

Once you've made contact, we'll have a chat (or email) about what you are wanting out of your portrait shoot. We'll cover questions such as: Studio or location? Who will be involved? And the ever important, what to wear? I’m also more than happy to meet up in person to discuss the shoot if you prefer.

On the day

The aim of the day is to get some gorgeous images and have some fun. You can relax knowing that I will do my very best to capture images that I’m proud of and that you will love and want to show all your friends.

After the shoot

I'll rush home to download the photos and make sure they are all backed up properly. I will then go through them and pick out the best photos for you, colour correct them and do a full edit before presenting them to you. This generally takes 1-2 weeks. You'll get to select which images to purchase, and I'll order them for you from my trusted suppliers. Once the finished product is ready, I will be in touch to organise delivering them to you - exciting!


My portrait photography session fee is $150. Digital files and prints are available for purchase. Contact me for a full price list.